Thursday, 24 June 2010

Moscow, Russia and Kiev, Ukraine 18-25/06/10

And then we're up to date! Finishing off the blog after 11 months on the road.
Sitting in the bar/ lobby of Hotel Slavutich. We're getting on that 40 hour bus Kiev-London tomorrow and yet as we're sitting here in Kiev it's not really sinking in.
The fact that we're going home... seeing dear friends again (unless you've been with your partner 24 hours for 11 months can't believe how much we need this), being back home again... it all seems very weird...
All the things we've seen and experienced... it's like we pressed the pause button on our regular lives and then it's all there as we return to it!
What a wonderful and weird experience- we've never known anything like it!
All that is for certain is that we have more questions than answers at the end of it!

Oops I slipped... honest!


Pappa, dette var skuffende! Dette var den 'Golden Gate' du snakka om. Bare skit jo, den ble jo bomba i 2.verdenskrig og bygd pa nytt i 1982!

Motherland Statue

Our 70's Ukrainian hotel in Kiev.
Hotel Slavutich- we love it!!!

We were drinking in a bar in Independence Square and Chris spotted the biggest Briard we've ever seen being walked by the littlest lady. Chris couldn't help himself and ran out to say hello! Oops- this turned out to not be a Briard after all- actually a Russian Terrier! Can't believe how similar!!!

Without a doubt the best suitor for Milla so far!

Chicken Kiev in Kiev!

Andrevskiy Church

Beautiful Kiev!

Disse bildene er til deg, pappa. Kanskje drar vi hit sammen til nest ar???

Silje indulging her new-found Lada fetish!!!
You have to admit, this is a really cool Lada!!!!

Arriving at Hotel Slavutich at 2am!

Enjoying a warm train beer. Approaching Kiev.
Extremely happy to arrive in Ukraine where visas are no longer needed!!!

Trans-Siberian Hostel, Moscow

I see you baby???

Red Square return!

Barclay's Bankskyi! Moscow stylee!

A disappointing 0-0 draw with Algeria in Moscow!

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